I don’t live by rules…and neither I will…

I make my own path and follow it…

I may not be the perfect… but I am sure I am the real one….

I learned to move on… I learned to forgive and forget…

It was not easy and it will not be easy for anyone….

Life is too small to complain.. Let it lives the way you want.…

Yes, this is the confidence level which I have, as I experienced in life that confidence can change everything. As I believe, your real power is your thoughts, keep your thoughts healthy.

Hello friends, I guess you are here to know a bit about me, so let me introduce myself:

Ankur Chauhan, 27 : Panipat. ( Food Technologist and a Blogger)

I am Ankur Chauhan, a 27 years old guy reside in Chandigarh- the beautiful city. I am a passionate blogger by interest and a Food Technologist by profession. I became a food Technologist after completing my master’s degree in Food technology, the widest growing field today and presently working with the 2nd largest MNC of the world: pladis.

My journey till now was not an easy one; it was filled of such obstacles that after getting faced by such hurdles, an ordinary man can quit taking his life towards positivity, But which helped me out was God’s grace, my parent’s wishes and my not to quit ability. Success is 99 % failure, only 1 % succeed in their life making their mistakes a lesson and become superior.

I started blogging in my late degree days. Since then, I am in touch with blogging and niche in some way, whether it was related to our traditional festivals or travelling or technology. I started blog related to cookies because I thought I experienced a lot to guide a new-comer, how to develop yourself in the field of Bakery.

As I am a technical officer I have shared all the technical aspects plus all the material related to cookies as how to bake them, what should be the ingredients, what are the ways of mixing etc. I just do it for the sake of fun and for providing sufficient content to users.

When I started blogging it was just for the sake of fun, but now I am passionate about blogs, about growth in blogging career. I am a fun loving guy, love to make friends and to hang around with them. In this blogging career, I am seeking an opportunity to get indulge with people around the world so that I can learn something new.

Till now I consider my-self a student and will consider the same till my last breath and will follow the good facts in my life to reach the aim of my dreams more consistently. I just want to be a great blogger whose profile has so much of motivational thought and experiences that even an ordinary man can think to full-fill his dreams come out. You have to change your own promises into commitments.

I think one can gain knowledge at any stage of life, but the point is you have to decide which thing you have to grasp and which to not. Two things for a perfect blog are: reading and implementing, implement those which you think are best for your career. Even bad experiences taught us who is your true well-wisher and who is just a fake one. Good things come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hurry.

Just be yourself, if someone wants me to help him out in any way, whether it’s the matter related to blogs, niche or some other aspect, he/she can contact me on social media frankly, and I’ll do my best in solving their problem.

What you think about yourself is the utmost thing, instead what other thinks of you. If you are thinking to make some innovation or make your parents proud using some talented step, go on and on, God is there with you in any form and he will surely help you out. Your current thoughts are creating your future life; what you think about the most focus on the most will appear as your life.

Last but not the least one motivational quotes for all the bloggers and all the new-comers in any field:

If you want to give..

then give your best…

otherwise go and take rest.

Thank You Guys for visiting my blog. Keep Visiting.