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As i have already written in my about page and Website’s Title (Tag Line) I am a Blogger. I love writing on various topics. Blogging is a Very Vast Field.

So you have heard the term “Blog” and you want to know what blogs are all about.

You can’t even imagine the diversification in this field. Blogging is a platform where you will always learn new things.

Most of our Visitors doesn’t know about blogs and Blogging. So this information is for them:

Definition of a Blog – A bit Dry Starting but I understand it is necessary for the knowledge of my Visitors.

  • A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary.
  • It is a place to express yourself to the world.
  • A place to express yourself and share your thoughts.
  • Really, it’s anything you want it to be.
  • On a General Basis, blog is your own website that you are going to update on daily basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.


Blog (noun) – a journal or diary that is on the Internet.

Blogger (noun) – a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are creator of search Engines or Internet..

Blog (verb) – to write a blog – I do blog daily before going to bed.

Blogging (verb) – the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my passion where i am sharing my knowledge and products for readers and customers respectively.

I hope this is enough for getting an idea about blog, blogging and bloggers.

If you want to be a successful blogger then you should have blogs of different Niches so that you can make maximum money from your blogs.

So, here is the List of my blogs.

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