Trip to Shimla in Heavy Snowfall – Amazing Experience & Images


Have You Even been to Shimla? Shimla is one of the beautiful places in India in terms of beauty of nature.

If you ever planned to go Shimla in Heavy Snowfall then you definitely have to read this post seriously.

Trip to Shimla: Shimla or also spell as Simla is the Capital of Himachal Pradesh, India is one of the beautiful place for experience low temperature in Harsh Summers.

As a District to explore Himachali Culture and real beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

I have visiting Shimla Many times but this time it was an entirely different experience and definitely i want to go Shimla again and again to see the real beauty of Nature.

How we planned our trip to Shimla?

I still remember the date 07th January 2017, I took a leave from my office and i was lying on bed. It was raining heavily since morning. That was the reason for my Leave and i had no plans to go out due to bad weather.

It was a sudden plan we didn’t planned for it well in advance, we had limited resources and limited Mobility due to heavy rain.

I was preparing for New blog post on my Blog and suddenly i have received a call from my friend Gourave Kashyap around 12:00pm working with me in the same company.

He called me from office.

He informed me about weather forecast in Shimla and i was stunned after looking at that in my mobile phone.

It was showing Heavy Snowfall in Shimla tomorrow early morning 00:00 hrs to 04:00 hrs.

I have never seen snowfall before, and it was my dream to to see a live snowfall from my eyes. The wibes i have received form Weather forecast was so strong that i cannot resist myself from being there and i Confirmed him to make this trip a memorable one.

We have one more partner with us Gaorav Shekhar Singh and we fixed the plan leaving for Shimla at 04:00pm.

How we went there?

We had one car owned by one of my friends Gourave Kashyap, but somewhere in my mind it was stucked that may be his car cannot take that much load we were planning for. Therefore, I have decided to booked a car.

I don’t know whether you guys were aware of self drive cars or not. But yes that time I was in Chandigarh (120Kms form Shimla) & we heard about the availability of self drive cars in Chandigarh offers by Zoomcar.

Again, it was an entirely new experience to book a self drive car in Chandigarh from Zoomcar app.

I made my account and searched for availability of self drive car from 07 January 5pm to 6th January 7pm, yes it was for 26Hours.

But Not satisfied by the cars offered by Zoomcar. They offered some big SUV cars Like XUV500, Scorpio and Ecosports. Unfortuanely, i didn’t have driving experience for these huge SUV Vehicles.

However, we didn’t have alternative and i have book a XUV500 for our tour. I have choosen XUV500 from the point of view of comfortable level in Driving and Sitting in XUV500.

Zoomcar i must say one of the best experience in self drive cars. If you don’t have cars for any occasion. Go for ZoomCAR. They Offers car for hourly basis.

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We got this car: XVU500

As i told you earlier i didn’t have previous of driving beast. But somehow i practise on this model and started driving it smoothly after 10mins of drive. In 10 mins i got the confidence to drive it on Hills of Shimla and we headed to Shimla after Picking up This Beast from Chandigarh Bus stand 43 Sector.

Review for ZoomCar: Starting at Rs 70/h, Zoomcar provides me a splendid Experience, Thanks Zoomcar for providing such great set of wheels. I Will definitely book it again for my future tours in India.

Way To Shimla: How we Reached at Our Destination?

So, finally after everything we started our journey at 6 30pm from ISBT Sector 43 Chandigarh after picking up a ZOOMCARR XUV500. We reached at Mazri Chowk at 07:00PM and took street food which i never forget, the pathetic one Roadside Burgers.

Anyways, somehow we finished and i planned to drive all the way to Shimla.

Suddenly, one of my Friends with us received a call from his friend saying that the roads for Shimla has been blocked due to heavy snowfall. Its not worth to go there because you cannot reach at shimla. Local police in Shimla doesn’t allow outside Vehicle to Enter inside the City and there were a lot of Visitors and tourist already stucked in Shimla.

But, We already planned so Much and that statement doesn’t bother three of us. We started searching Hotel Rooms for stay at Night in Shiimla and Unfortunately No Rooms Available on Goibibo, MakemmyTrip and Trivago.

Still that doesn’t bother us because we already booked XUV500, we have the facility to fold the rear seat that will convert into a double bed. Finaally, we have decided to go. “Dekha Jayega joo Bhi Hogaa”.

I started driving and crossed the Himalayan toll Tax that costs around Rs 42. We already had state entry tax for XUV500, Therefore we didn’t bother about that.

I continue driving XUV500 with full of Excitement. Not only Excitement to reach Shimla and will be able to see the morning Snowfall but also Driving a Beast with 120km/hr (That is the maximum speed Zoomcar allowed).

We crossed Kalka and the Traffic Jam Started. We stopped many vehicles coming from Shimla side, they said there were a lot of traffic on the road we cannot reach by Morning. Almost every driver from the vehicles repeats the same statement. Still, we continues and decided not to stop further vehicles as we only want to see the positive points.

We reached Solan at 11:00pm where we decided to take take the Dinner at Bedi Chicken Corner. But we took Only Veg. It was too cold, mesmerizing cold wind passing through the empty streets and we had seen a low ice deposits roadside because a low snowfall have been occur few minutes before.

After taking, Dinner at Bedi Chicken Corner in Solan, we moved towards Shimla in the same pace. Huge traffic almost in every 5 kms. We crossed Taradevi and finally reached outskirt of Shimla where we have seen a huge or heavy Snow along road side.

Our Vehicle had thick tyres else the vehicles with low tyres thickness are sliding in the snow.

The Snow cutter already passed from the road and roads were open now because we reached at 01:00am in outskirts of Shimla.

Suddenly, almost 10kms we faced a traffic Jam that was very long and this is the only road which can take us to the Shimla.

Police constables were standing there and doesn’t allowed outsiders to enter because cars are not moving ahead due to heavy snow deposited on the road.

Somehow we had good car, Which can go easily running over the snow, therefore, i just took it off road and continues driving till the way we can go. In this way we had crossed 3-4kms. Now the Jam were on both side vehicles were sliding like a they are running on a slope. We had seen many accidents, fallen trees on vehicles, the scene on roads we not happening.

People were stucked on the road, their vehicles are not moving especially the low axle vehicles.

But we continued moving, as i told you we had good car with thick tyres and grip on the road. Finally after driving for almost 2 hours we reached at Tunnel. Yes 2hours we only drove 10Kms. That was very Hectic.

We had decided to parked our vehicles at tunnel and took a nap inside the car. Because it was -5°c outside. So i have decided to stay the Engine on with Heater. We started our Heater inside the XUV500 and started taking a Nap for few Hours as in weather forecast it was showing a Heavy Snowfall at 04:00am.

So we just put our mobiles phones on alarm at 04:00am and slept.

What I Have Seen Actually After Reaching Shimla – Images & Experience

Suddenly, at 03:00 am, I heard people were screaming on the road and loud music from the Cars Music System. i just woke up and saw outside. Actually, that was the people on the road enjoying in the snowfall.

Yes, i have seen my Life’s First Snowfall at 03:00am on 08th Jan 2017 from a car’s window. I took a few pics but that was not so clear. But still i was very Happy. I watched it for almost 10mins but didn’t have energy to go out because i was extremely tired. I Fall sleep again.

Then, it was morning 06:30 am, i woke up again i think the alarm didn’t work or it may work but none of us woke up.

I Saw again from the car’s Window and the doziness, Sleep went away from my eyes. It was extreme White.

White and fresh Snow every Where. Roads were empty, a few people were roaming outside. Vehicles stucked into Jam. It seems like life has stopped in Shimla.

No electricity, No Mobile Signal, No Water, No Localites, Nothing is Smooth, Trees were fallen on Roads, Roads are blocked. But only the one thing which is never forget for which i have reached there in extreme conditions is the SNOWFALL.

Its pure white Everywhere, Only two colours are visible either White or Green (Trees).

It was a life moment and i captured a lot of photograph. I cannot forget the beauty of Nature i have seen in Shimla.

I cannot express the beauty from words or from Images but the experience i had was splendid.

I wish to go there again and again in every snowfall but next time will plan in well advance.


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